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Product Description
With the standard “Touch Point” feature, the golfer simply touches any point on the hole layout or the satellite photo, and immediately sees the yardage from their location to that point, and the yardage remaining from that point to the green, great for playing an unfamiliar hole or plotting a lay-up area. And the video flyover will prove very useful on long or unfamiliar holes.
The Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS comes preloaded and ready to play with thousands of USA golf courses--showing course hazards, targets and their relative position on the hole. Featuring a three-inch, full-color touch screen, the V500 is designed for intuitive use and maximum targeting capabilities, even in direct sunlight. In addition to its free basic plan that provides precise distance information from any point on the course as well as your relative position, the V500 also provides a digital scorecard, game analysis capabilities, shot measurement, and automatic game tracking. With the addition of an optional membership, you can upgrade the data plan to a full color layout and acquire satellite imagery. This provides you with the "full picture" on each hole with a high resolution satellite images and fly over videos.

Key Features:

  • Preloaded Color Course Layouts and Yardage Guide: Sonocaddie V500 eliminates the downloading process by preloading all available mapped courses in your country, providing golfers with precise distance information from any point on the course. Sonocaddie's user interface shows your position on the selected course. As you move to the next stroke location, your position is shown and the distances to each critical target are continually updated and shown in real time.
  • Three-Inch Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen: The Sonocaddie V500's high-resolution, backlight screen is viewable even in bright sunlight. Touch screen technology allows you to touch any point on the color layout/satellite image of the hole and immediately see your distance from that point--and--from that point to the green.
  • Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis: The Sonocaddie V500 eliminates the need for a paper scorecard by automatically calculating the total score with the touch of a button. At the end of eighteen, the Sonocaddie will present a summary of your round complete with statistics and the score.
  • Personalized Course Information: Make changes or corrections to the reference points on the Sonocaddie V500 on the spot. You may change the given course information, and add or delete some of the reference points as the course may change over time.
  • Track Your Game: Sonocaddie V500 can record locations for each shot right on the screen, and can automatically trace waypoints during the round. The information can be stored to the Sonocaddie V500 enabling you to review the round, shot by shot, at a later date.
  • Satellite Imagery (Optional): The Sonocaddie V500 allows you to see the actual image with yardage information while you are playing using optional satellite imagery. The image will be adjusted to fit on one screen, so you will not need to scroll the screen to see the entire hole, for example if it is a long Par 5. Offered in the V500 membership plan.
  • Video Flyover (Optional): The optional V500 Video Flyover provides you with a five-second overview of the entire hole from tee to green. This shows you the direction and description of the fairway in advance so that you can plan your strategy. Offered in the V500 membership plan.

Membership Plans:

  • Free Basic Plan: In the Basic Plan, full color course layouts for one country are preloaded into your Sonocaddie V500 at no additional charge. If your course is not already preloaded, Sonocaddie can provide a mapping service for the courses not already mapped at no charge.
  • Advanced Plans: In the Advanced Plan, worldwide full color course layouts, color satellite imagery and video flyovers are all available. V500 also provides optional plans if you would like to download the satellite imagery or video flyovers for the courses you play. If satellite images are not currently available for your course, you can request them.


  • Dimensions: 4.6 by 2.3 by 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.57 ounces / 129 grams
  • Storage capacity: up to 30,000 golf courses, 100 scorecard
  • Power: Rechargeable battery/ Up to 12 hours
  • Display: Three-inch (240 x 400 pixel) High-Resolution Color LCD with Backlight
  • Language Support: English, traditional and simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Distance Units: Yards, Meters, Miles, Kilometers
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX3
  • Regulation: CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS Compliance, PSE
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Internet: Required
  • Membership: Required

System Requirements:

  • XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 (Apple Macintosh is not supported at this time.)
  • CD-ROM
  • 512 MB RAM (XP) 1 GB RAM (Vista) or higher
  • 12 MB or more hard disk space


  • Intuitive touch-screen, multi-function golf GPS--preloaded with thousands of USA golf courses
  • Use out of the box with n annual fees and no downloading needed; upgraded membership offers high-resolution satellite images and fly-over videos
  • Three-inch, sunlight viewable touch screen
  • Digital scorecard and game analysis capabilities; measures shot distance; automatic game tracking
  • Requires XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 (Apple Macintosh is not supported) and 12 MB or more hard disk space