Medicus Men’s Dual Hinged 5 Iron


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Product Description
Medicus Swing Trainers Instantly Identify Flaws in Your Swing! Our hinged club line is the signature of the our company. Since the early 1990's we have been the leader in creating training products that give you immediate feedback. The hinged club will let you know when you are swinging incorrectly by breading down at the point where there is a flaw in the swing. Likewise the hinge will stay in alignment with the shaft if the club is swung correctly and you will be able to hit balls with ease.
Learn how to swing in tempo and on plane every time with the Medicus men's dual-hinged 5 iron swing trainer. Owned by more than half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals, the Medicus is easy to use. Just set up in your living room or on the driving range and start swinging. If the patented dual-hinge mechanism "breaks," you still have some work to do. But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you'll know you're swinging correctly. Not only does the club help eliminate your slice or hook, but it lets you hit longer, more accurate shots time after time. Plus, it improves all aspects of your swing, from your takeaway to your downswing to your follow-through. And the more you swing it, the more you'll develop the muscle memory necessary to produce a perfect repeating swing regardless of your chosen club.

Voted the number one swing trainer seven years in a row, the Medicus 5 iron comes with the Swing Like a Pro DVD, which stars Jack Lumpkin--one of golf's top 100 instructors--and Medicus inventor Bob Koch. The dual-hinged 5 iron includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Men's dual-hinged 5 iron for developing a perfect repetitive golf swing
  • Patented dual-hinge mechanism "breaks" when swung incorrectly
  • Helps eliminate slice or hook and produces longer, more accurate shots
  • Improves all swing aspects, from takeaway to downswing to follow-through
  • Includes "Swing Like a Pro" DVD with swing instructions; 60-day money-back guarantee