Medicus DA Dual Hinged Driver


(as of 05/21/2014 at 01:40 UTC)

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The Medicus DualHinge driver has been the most sought after golf swing training aid in the history of the game. Why? Because it just simply works! And now the NEW DualHinge DA Driver incorporates an added visual level of training that educates and trains you for the fastest results ever. Based on the true science of the swing the Medicus DualHinge technology allows you to easily identify your swing faults with immediate feedback on “where” in your swing those faults occur. Training with the NEW DualHinge DA Driver will then allow you to directly correct these swing faults with the added benefit of visual guides located on the clubface designed to accelerate your training process and help you to better understand what the club and clubface should be doing through impact. Use the Swing Path directional arrows on the clubface to draw the club back at the precise angle required to maintain correct swing plane on the back swing and downswing while Clubface Alignment Guides that show you the correct angle of the clubface at impact resulting in solid and consistent ball striking swing after swing! Now you’ll learn to use and train with the DualHinge technology faster and more effectively than ever before with the visuals you need to stay on track!


  • Same Medicus DualHinge Technology now incorporates new DA Address, Impact & Take Away alignment lines help you know the proper angel of approach and club face alignment at impact for solid ball striking everytime you swing.
  • 460cc Clubhead in Gloss Black Finish
  • Can be used with and without actual golf balls for real ball striking performance.
  • Comes with DualHinge Instruction manual and DVD featuring Chuck Evans (Exec. Director of Instruction for Medicus Golf & Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher)