Intech Swing Trainer Weighted 8 Iron (Men’s, Right-Handed, Color and Design May Vary)


(as of 05/21/2014 at 02:07 UTC)

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Intech’s Swing Trainer Weighted 8 Iron is a great tool to warm up any round of golf with. Featuring a molded grip handle, you will learn to keep your hands in their proper grip position. This swing trainer will help build your muscle memory if you tweak your swing any way. This weighted 8 Iron will help you hit balls in the precise spot to touch the sweet spot every time. You’ll learn how to strike golf balls correctly, accurately and with exact control like the pro’s do! With Intech’s Swing Trainer, you’ll golf like a professional in no time!


  • The weighted 8-iron checks in at roughly 6 pounds, helping you build strength and increase your speed with every swing
  • The trainer also improves your flexibility, form, and accuracy the more you use it
  • The trainer includes a molded grip that teaches you the proper form