Intech Approach Two- Way Chipper


(as of 05/21/2014 at 02:19 UTC)

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While those around the green chip shots seem like they should be easy, for many of us, they’re the most difficult shots on the course to hit consistently well. Fortunately, Intech has designed a club built to provide everyday golfers with the type of reliability that everyone looks for around the greens. Made for left and right-handed players, the Two-Way Chipper is meant to be played like any low-lofted wedge. Simply put the ball back a bit in your stance, and you’ll be able to chip it close easier and more often than ever before.


  • The Approach 2-way chipper is simple but effective.
  • It was designed for both Right and left hand use.
  • The 2-way design makes it a good tool for those shots you cannot make from your normal stance.