GoSports Ladder Toss Bolo Replacement Set with Real Golf Balls (6-Pack)


(as of 05/21/2014 at 01:49 UTC)

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The GoPong replacement Bolas are the perfect choice for Ladder Toss enthusiasts, whether you are replacing a lost Bola or are building your own Ladder Toss targets and just need the Bolas. This set include 6 Bolas (3 Red + 3 Blue) that are made from real golf balls and connected by high density woven nylon. The real golf balls allow players to bounce their shots, which is an exciting element for parking lot games. These Bolas are far superior to other cheap alternatives that are made from plastic or foam. If you are also looking for a full Ladder Toss set, check out our GoPong Premium Ladder Toss Game Set.


  • Includes 6 Bolos (3 Red + 3 Blue)
  • Made from real golf balls
  • Woven nylon bands