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Product Description
The World is a technological marvel with unparalleled features and functions. Its name depicts its power: the world’s courses in the palm of your hands. With 40,000 course storage capability, courses from around the world pre-loaded, and completely fee-free, users can have the confidence that wherever their golf destination may be, they will have the power of the GolfBuddy World to guide them through their rounds.
Give your game the advantage of true GPS tracking with automatic course and hole recognition with the GolfBuddy Plus GPS Rangefinder. With features such as a high resolution black/white LCD screen, a durable and water-resistant design, and customizable target capabilities, the GolfBuddy Plus is multi-lingual, easy and simple to operate, and stores up to an incredible 40,000 courses with no membership fees or course download fees.

Why GolfBuddy?

The GolfBuddy will help you gain confidence by knowing exactly how far and where to go. The GolfBuddy's large, easy-to-read screen gives you the exact distance to greens, bunkers, lakes, lay-up points and hazards.

Each unit features the dynamic green view which changes the shape of the green, depending on your angle of approach. Target information is already preloaded, and the GolfBuddy features custom plotting technology which lets you add up to 11 of your own chosen targets to each course in addition to what the GolfBuddy already provides.

With its unique automatic course and hole recognition feature, the GolfBuddy will automatically know which course you are playing and which hole you are on. There is no need for aiming or manual operation to obtain distance information to the green when using the GolfBuddy. The GolfBuddy is a true GPS unit. Just turn it on and play.

The GolfBuddy features 1,000 course storage capability, dynamic green technology, target customization technology. The GolfBuddy is a full-feature rangefinder, making it one of the most powerful GPS devices on the market today.

GolfBuddy World Features:

  • 40,000 course storage capability
  • Courses from across the world pre-loaded
  • High-resolution color, outdoor visible, full-function touch screen
  • Full layout mode
  • Ability to switch back-and-forth from standard numbers readings to layout mode
  • Vibrant, yet simple to use user interface
  • Zoom in and zoom out functions
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Measuring point moves as golfer does throughout course
  • Ability to measure to and from any point on the hole
  • Multiple languages
  • Shock and water resistant case design
  • 50 channel satellite reception
  • Distance measuring module
  • Customizable targets
  • Pin placement / movement functionality
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included)
  • Swivel holster (included)


  • GPS Rangefinder; true GPS tracking with automatic course and hole recognition
  • Pre-loaded with courses from around the world
  • 40,000 course capacity with full hole layout mode
  • Full function touch screen
  • Automatic course and hole recognition