Cleveland XL 270 Launcher Ultralite Driver (Std)


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At 270-grams, the XL270 is lighter than nearly every driver in the market, meaning it is built ultrafast for maximum clubhead speed. But even though this club is light, the 270 feels like a standard driver in your hands, and the 460cc clubhead is still traditionally weighted for forgiveness. This balanced reduction of weight results in effortless distance with ample forgiveness.


  • Right Weight Fitting: The XL270 is engineered ?Extra Lite? ? providing maximum clubhead speed. The 270 is most effective for smooth tempos, but even players who generate the highest swing speeds stand to gain clubhead speed.
  • Miyazaki C. Kua Ultralite Shaft: The authentic 39-Series Miyazaki is the lightest shaft ever played on the PGA Tour. It?s a true Tour shaft and the lightest currently offered by Miyazaki.