Cleveland CG16i Men’s Black Pearl Iron Set


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Product Description
The CG16 Irons are designed with a lighter overall club weight and longer club length for maximum distance. The large cavity back with full undercut stretches the center of gravity low and deep to optimize launch angle and significantly improve forgiveness. The large thin face allows for increased COR and maximum ball speed that will produce distance competitive with any iron set in the market - but with better control. Available with lightweight steel or graphite shafts as well as two finish options: Black Pearl or Satin Chrome. Choose from 3 iron - Pitching Wedge 8-club set; 4 iron - Pitching Wedge 7-club set; 5 iron - Pitching Wedge 6-club set.
Designed with a lighter overall club weight and longer club length, the Cleveland CG16i Black Pearl men's iron set produces a distance that competes with any iron set in the market--but with increased control. The clubs are made using Cleveland's revolutionary Laser Milled technology. Using the precision accuracy of a laser, Cleveland mills four perfectly calibrated texture lines between each groove right to the conforming limit. This breakthrough surface texture optimizes spin and shot consistency, especially from the rough. Each club also features a large cavity back with a full undercut, stretching the center of gravity low and deep. This optimizes the launch angle and significantly improves forgiveness, helping you reach the green even on slight mis-hits.

The clubs' shot-making prowess is further improved by Cleveland's Zip Grooves technology, which creates 25 percent bigger grooves, each with pristine edges. This helps increase the shot "zip" and consistency, especially from poor lies. Cleveland also added large, thin faces for increased ball speed, wide soles for consistent turf interaction, and your choice of ultra-lightweight steel or graphite shafts. The shaft designs combine with the optimized head weights, lofts, and club lengths to deliver the consistency and speed you need whether you're hitting from a smooth fairway or a nasty rough. And unlike many traditional iron sets, the CG16i irons feature even, closely spaced distance gaps between the clubs. As a result, you won't have to shorten your swing as often, helping ensure better spin and accuracy on approach shots.

Available in a Black Pearl finish, the CG16i iron set produces superior distance and control.

CG16i Black Pearl Iron Specifications
Iron Loft Lie Length Swing weight Offset value
3 iron 19 degrees 60 degrees 39.75 inches (S), 40 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.240 inches
4 iron 21 degrees 60.75 degrees 39.125 inches (S), 39.375 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.210 inches
5 iron 24 degrees 61.5 degrees 38.5 inches (S), 38.75 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.180 inches
6 iron 27 degrees 62.25 degrees 37.875 inches (S), 38.125 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.160 inches
7 iron 31 degrees 63 degrees 37.25 inches (S), 37.5 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.140 inches
8 iron 35 degrees 63.5 degrees 36.75 inches (S), 37 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.120 inches
9 iron 39 degrees 64 degrees 36.25 inches (S), 36.5 inches (G) D3 (S), D2 (G) 0.105 inches
PW 44 degrees 64.5 degrees 35.75 inches (S), 36 inches (G) D4 (S), D3 (G) 0.090 inches

About Cleveland Golf
Roger Cleveland began producing and selling golf clubs in 1979, originally producing exquisite replicas of classic golf clubs from the '40s and '50s. Today, the company is home to the number-one wedge in golf and is regarded as one of the forerunners in product innovation. With more than 325 employees in its Huntington Beach, California, headquarters, Cleveland Golf is a sponsor of such tournaments as the Byron Nelson Championship and Cleveland Collegiate Palmetto Championship.


  • Iron set designed with light weights and longer club lengths for added distance and control
  • Laser Milled technology produces 4 perfectly calibrated texture lines between each groove
  • Extra-large grooves help increase shot "zip" and consistency
  • Choice of lightweight steel or graphite shafts with optimized head weights
  • Large, thin faces for increased ball speed; wide soles for consistent turf interaction