Chromax M1 75 Compression Golf Balls


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Product Description
Chromax balls have introduced a easy to see, identifiable and unique looking golf ball. Golfer's of all ages, gender, and ability are making the Chromax ball a stand out ball in the golf industry.Items may come in different packaging.
Featuring bright metallic finishes, Chromax M1 75 Compression Balls have introduced a unique style of ball to the game of golf that is easy to see on the ground and in the air. With their reflective finishes in multiple color choices, the Chromax Balls distinguish themselves from their all-white counterparts offering multiple advantages to players including sharply reduced ball loss, reduced search time, and easier to see ball flight that helps golfers correct their swings. In addition, the Chromax balls are beautiful to look at, adding character to tradition. The lower compression Chromax ball is designed for optimum performance at lower swing speeds. All Chromax balls conform to USGA regulations and are legal for tournament play.

What's in the Box?
6 Chromax M1 75 Compression Golf Balls


  • The Chromax golf is brighter, making it easier to observe the flight path and landing position of the ball.
  • Lower compression ball performs better at lower swing speeds.
  • Never have difficulties picking out your ball from your playing partners.
  • Impress your friends and playing partners with your choice of color in your golf balls
  • Chromax golf balls conform to USGA regulations and are legal for tournament play.